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Water Softeners
Water Softeners

Blue Chip Plumbing - Registered Installers      BWT Water Softeners.

  1. Softened water brings a new dimension to washing, bathing and showering.

  2. Excellent for your complexion and skin and can help with problems such as dry skin, acne and eczema.

  3. Shampoos and conditioners work more effectively: hair feels softer and more manageable.

  4. Bathrooms and kitchens are easier to clean: no hard lime scale to rub away.

  5. Clothes retain colours for longer - woollens and towels are softer and fluffier to the touch.

  6. Softened water helps glassware to sparkle and cutlery and plates shine.

  7. Cost Savings: extending the life of appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and boilers.

  8. Softened water can save up to  50% of washing powder and toilet soap and eliminate the need of limescale cleaner altogether.

  9. Improves efficiency of hot water, boilers and central heating systems. Just 1.6mm of scale build up in heating systems causes a 12% loss of efficiency - costly!

See the difference between the two Hot Water Cylinders below

LEFT: With a softener fitted - RIGHT: With No Softener !